Comic Con?

Is anyone from Sacramento or thereabouts going to Comic Con in San Diego (July 26-29)?

A female friend of mine is hoping to go but can't afford to fly, and is interested in carpooling with anyone going who doesn't mind and has the space for another. 

Also, does anyone know if there is a LJ community like this for Comic Con?

Masquerade Video

Each entry in the LACon IV masquerade was supposed to get a copy of the official video. I've learned that they've apparently been sent to most everyone. Except me.

I've tried various email addresses for the MD Martin Jaquish, with no response to date. Can someone help me to get in touch with him, or tell us who else we could be contacting about this?

We were also hoping to get our documentation booklets and sound CD back, but I fear that's a lost cause.

--Julie Zetterberg
"Sterilized with Fear"
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help with meum cerebrum nocet

Under the topic "Pets", who or what is "Rusty's Pal"? [5 letters]

I appreciate the help offered so far
and I stumbled across an issue of "Picofarad" with most of the answers,
give-or-take a few misspellings (Conana the Barbarianne ;)

As for the rest
across 63 Connie Willis -- cinematic guilty pleasure (answer: Spiderman)
note: I should have had "Calvin" for Down 41 Asimov robot investigator

across 114 James Gurney guilty pleasure (answer: chocolate)
note: for down 101, I should have had "ILIAC" [ENIAC, UNIAC,_____)
and for down 115, I should have had "Howl" (reference to the poem and the moving castle)

across 204 James Gurney's dog (answer: Happy)

across 234 Furry puppet show (answer: paw pet show [must be a furry term, I guess)
and down 226 Deer's water source? (answer: Hartwell)

down 123 Realtor, general contractor, loan officer and shopkeeper (games people play) (4 letters)
answer: Nook (from the game "Animal Crossing", evidently from the Japanese "tenuki")

down 134 Secret danger imprisoned him (answer: Number 6 [ouch])

down 145 Wolheim ref: 20 legible, 20 illegible, 10 smears
(answer: "hecto" but I would still like to know the reference)

163 leet speak: really bad (suxxor fits, but seems odd)

176 ???-holic (anime/manga) (answer: xxx)

194 neopets: cute goal (answer Ixi)

205 leet speak: totally dominated by (six letters, maybe ending in "r")

207 has license to hit and run (answer: "Bart")
209 Rusty's pal
223 Obi-Wan rode one up a cliff (answer: varactyl)
231 ID the language: Do Contest With 'pencil' (answer "DBASE")
243 Stephen King's cat came back (answer: Church)

a few other odd comments:

It seems that down 1 should be "yiff"
down 135 "lollerskates" (too funny?)
down 241 "Entei" (Pokemon legendary dog)

I am also a bit confused about the sehlat/ichigo confusion

Given all this information, my current guesses are:

(see comments for some of my guesses)
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Reliability of Pegasus Publishing?

Hi! I'm posting to follow up and see if anyone has any ideas about getting a con dealer to respond to me. I purchased two t-shirts from Pegasus Publishing at LAConIV. One was out of stock in the size I wanted, so he said he'd send it to me. He told me if I hadn't gotten the shirt in a couple of weeks, to email him.

I emailed. I left messages. It's now been almost 4 months, and I've never gotten a response and still don't have the shirt. Is anyone aware of this dealer having problems or something that would prevent responding? The website hasn't been updated since the summer. Does anyone know him?


Hi there. I was a member of PanGalactic Express (Newszine Distribution Crew) and unfortunately ordered my denim LACon shirt on the last day of con. It's mid-november, almost loscon and I still don't have it. Who do I talk to regarding this?

Thanks in advance.
simpsons, Chris

LosCon TAFF Auction!

If you're going to LosCon, please come by the TAFF auction on Saturday at 4:30. If you've got stuff you'd be willing to donate to the cause, you can get it to me up here in and around San Jose before Tuesday afternoon, or you can find me and drop stuff off at Con. Books, Tuckerizations, fanzines, t-shirts, autographs, monkey paws, rare unsigned copies of Jay Lake books, it's all available!

If you want more info,
Silly - Dirty Face

L.A.con IV photos galore!

agrathea has posted our L.A.con IV photos (I took some of them and requested others).

Here's what she said about them in her LJ:
Secondly, a tremendous amount of photos from Worldcon in LA. Something around 650 or so. I will post them in their entirety for now and trim them down later to the best quality photos for those of you who are somewhat interested, but not really interested in a thorough recounting of the convention.

If you would like to use any of the photos for a fan piece of any kind, or if you are a subject of a photo and would like me to send you a higher res version, just e-mail me. I just ask any materials using photos from this collection give me credit and that I know it is being used (and I do have quite high res versions that are ideal for print).

I apologize it isn't much easier to navigate, there are just too many images and the processing of the photos thus far has already taken me more time than I really should have spared.

Here's Photos from L.A.con IV